Dark Sky

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8 thoughts on “Dark Sky

  1. You did a very nice job reading the piece, and if you’re anything like me at all, it must have been difficult to read such a personal piece, in the high-quality manner you were able to do. Slideshow complimented your words very nicely. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Aww. Thank you! With the help of my son we did it, we’ve got another one lined up about grandma, so I think we’ll put it in the slam for the 17th. Nice to meet you :)

  2. Hey Kim,
    Just want to let you know I’ve bookmarked this to listen to later. My modem is bad so the internet pops in and out without warning and I can’t view vids at all. Supposed to get a new one via mail any day now. Glad to see you back posting!

  3. this has such a somber feel to it but the way you delivered it was so soothing – like a poetic eulogy – so sad but yet comforting, if that makes sense.

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