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The Natural Path…….

The natural path in life strikes me as one who would have been born to a mother, a female with no medication or hospital and lived on a farm using horses with no electricity or modern appliances. The food would have come from the garden, clothing handmade and horse and buggy transportation. Nice picture of the good old days. Wait. Let me add no dentist, cavities, decay, illness, no immunizations, no antibiotics, diseases, drought, infestation of crops, droughts, fires, shortened life spans, etc.
This modern world is trying to be FREE and look out for each other. A person who has millions of followers, in my opinion, has a duty to perform on his or her stage in keeping with a united world, thus keeping their own hateful remarks to themselves or personal few. This would be called morality.
Sex and religious beliefs should be freedoms for all. Equality. Peace. Leaders need to unite, not incite. If tearing down ‘the opponent’ is the way to win, then we need a new game to play.

*No harsh words were used in the making of this statement in the free world.

By Caroline Clemens