Edinburgh’s Architecture


Pretty pictures from a fellow blogger. The architecture is stunning and well kept. The weather looks just like my homeland of Ohio … overcast! Perfect for Halloween, I’d say. Thanks Sherry.

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One of the best ways to explore any city’s architecture is by walking through its streets and Edinburgh has such a diverse and interesting mix of architecture, you’ll forget your feet are beginning to hurt!

I’m definitely not an expert on architecture, but I know what pleases my eye and camera.  The following are some photos from Old and New Town Edinburgh, which were made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996.

This cute little house is situated in Princes Street Gardens, which lies between the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh.  A lovely place to take a stroll!


I encountered this colorful scene while walking downhill from our visit to Edinburgh Castle.


There is nothing particularly “special” about this shot, but the blue definitely pops and I find it visually appealing.


Row of buildings in Old Town Edinburgh as seen from the divide between the Old and New…

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Flight & Feather – A New Online Mixed Media and encaustic workshop


Take a look at this beautiful site. You might feel a calmness as you scroll the graceandivy blog. Please forward! I know there are people out there looking for a site like this. Do you know a bird lover?

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Hi there friends!

Hope your week is off to a great start! The Fall weather here has been outstanding and we even managed to get out to the Oregon wine country and picnic with the kids this weekend! We happen to have some lovely friends who have a beautiful vacation rental home out there that I got to help decorate! Very fun to juice up the ole’ interior designer brain that doesn’t get much use anymore!

Anyway, I have some seriously exciting news to share! I have just opened up registration for my new online mixed media and encaustic workshop – Flight & Feather!

Flight & Feather with text

This two week online workshop will explore the magic, grace and beauty of birds! When I look around my studio, I notice how many bird images and sweet stray feathers I have lying about. Birds appear in my work all the time, so I was inspired…

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She waits for him to choose


Letting go …

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Picture ©Phototasche

To fall, let go,
To fold my wings and plummet,
To embrace the earth that rushes up,
To snatch life’s last spark and end it all.
Or follow the stars and fly,
Spread broad white wings,
Soft swansdown pinioned beauty,
Beat the air translucent blue,
Shot with gold in the morning sun,
To soar with hope and a raging joy.
Choose wisely, love, for you hold my heart
In your hesitant hands.

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RaffleCopter Give–A–Way

Welcome to my blog Gardenlilie!

novel by Kim TroikePoetry and posts of all kinds are displayed here and occasionally even my own. My novel “Into the Vines” has FOUR more days before I give–a–way a FREE copy to a very lucky individual. Thanks for stopping by. If you are an artist, author or have a talent you’d like posted here, let me know. The Lillie is all about resurrection! We all need a garden in our lives, so you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the rafflecopter site to sign up, takes 30 seconds. Thanks!


New/Old Photo of Lotte Verbeek


I follow Outlander on WordPress! I love the show and all the characters. Here’s a pic of Lotte Verbeek; I think it looks great. I like it when women look sexy, strong and smart all at the same time!

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Here is a new/old photo of Lotte Verbeek from a photoshoot she did a while ago.

10958405_1624310304518033_1176820999_n Photoshoot with @irisbrosch for @theuntitledmagazine a while ago #highonacouch #couchkitten 😸 tnx for posting @lotteverbeekitalia 💐


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Hide and Seek

HAIKU is a traditional form of Japanese poetry, three lines, no rhyme, with five syllables, then seven syllables and lastly five more syllables. The first line goes with the second and the second line reads with the last. Simple indeed, so why haven’t I even tried it before? I don’t know that answer. I have a poetry collection on Amazon, self-published with many forms included, however, no Haiku. Fall is coming with grape harvests and celebrations for the people who plow, till and work the land. Haiku, pleasant and simple, like life should be.

                                                                                                                                                                   Hide and Seek

Clumped hands will grasp me

Release me from hidden view

Feel my cool bodies.


By Kim Troike

Haiku Challenge

Google Images Credit

*I would write more and submit my poetry here for readers. However, I am composing a second poetry line for submission elsewhere and it must never have been seen for them to accept it.

Haiku challenge: Must & Bust


Haiku … I can spell it but never have tried it. Thanks Jane! The harvest seems like a whole nether world out there and our children appear so removed from it all. If I were to be in school today I’d think it boring. All the field trips of K-8 just stop and it’s all desk, sitting and eyeball work. Why do I think so much n why do I care? I think because it is time lost forever. I’m going to try a Haiku later this week.

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Apologies to Ronovan—I changed Bust to Burst. Just couldn’t see ‘bust’ in a poem somehow. As always, please visit Ronovan’s blog to read the other entries.

PENTAX Digital Camera


Grape must in the vats
summer’s harvest dropping sweet
sunburst of senses.

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