Pretty bird

Comes home,

Whistles Dixie.



Thrilling joy,

Inescapable smiles

From human perch.



Veinte-siete anos

Always there,

Not a care.




Til one day

She gave us






Pretty bird Nicki

Her song

Is ending!



Bonita pajaro Nicki,

Su la cancion

Des final!



The curtain called.



Tears fell,

Heartfelt loss.

Dirt and Lillie’s.


By Caroline Clemens



~Experimentation for

the acts in the life of

a caged parrot.

~Google images credit.


Gardenlilie Publishing Seeds


Gardenlilie Publishing seeds

Dear Future Author,

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Come on, probably everyone has thought ‘I’d like to do that!’ Then they daydream for a few minutes and wonder what they’d write about. Seemingly, the scenarios pop into their vision, lo and behold a movie is born, or a bestseller or something no one has ever thought about before.

Then reality sets in … what on earth were they thinking? Certainly, the prerequisite for writing would be an English degree or a Creative Writing course, not to mention a college degree.

If you have the desire and would like to try the impossible, then keep reading. Like you, I wanted to and even bought a paperback how-to almost twenty years ago. I have no idea why, just that I wanted to do that. Finally, I did and I’d like to help you do the same.

Gardenlilie Publishing Seeds

The feeling of accomplishment and the high that followed will be with me forever. For a moment, I felt myself amongst the Hemingway’s, Austen’s, Bronte’s, Wilders, Mitchell’s, Twains and well, not so sure about the brilliantly passionate Shakespeare, but you get my drift. It was a beautiful gift to myself.

Now, I’m working on that selling market. They say it takes awhile; I don’t have a lifetime, but I do have the virtue of patience.

All the best to you. I’d love to help you get started in publishing that masterpiece, waiting to be written.


Caroline Clemens

Gardenlilie Publishing Seeds

Gardenlilie Publishing Seeds

Purchase my Gardenlilie Publishing Seeds, this is a simple ‘how to start writing’ sent to you in a word document/attachment via email. It will contain links for online referrals, very simply it will tell you how I did it. You can view my books on Amazon and see for yourself. Thank you.



My books on Amazon are written by me under my pen name Caroline Clemens.

~I have decided that the cost of licensing is too much. It sounded like a wonderful idea, though. I will add this to my goal list, even though it is all set to go. Leave a message if you’d like any help as I’d love to help you get started.

International Woman’s Day


International Woman's Day

Good afternoon! I’m late to celebrate the day, nonetheless, I’ve seen this occasion for three years online. The first year had me thinking about my 101 year old grandmother, who had just passed on; she lived a thorough life and traveled the globe. She used to bring us dolls from Greece, Turkey, Spain and Australia. You name it; she’d been there.

I’ve grown wiser and had more time to reflect over the last few years, especially pertaining to world events. I now feel like the news is ever-present with laptop and television. I contribute this to the immediacy of news and communication, along with technology, good and bad.

International Woman's Day

Back in kindergarten, I learned at the end of the year when everyone’s grandparents came to school, that they had two grandmother’s, whereas I had three. I thought that completely normal; when I learned I had more, I thought myself special. Due to a death in the family and remarriage, I became blessed with three incredible women, all unique.

I had the well-traveled, independent outdoors, business woman grandma (whom I spent many a summer-that’s a book), the fine, petite Englishwoman from Canada, who baked homemade cookies, yum! grandma and finally, the one I became the closest to, the one who called me ‘Kimmie Sue.’ This post is dedicated to her, her name was Pearl.

What is that they say? You might forget what a person gives you, does for you, etc., but you will never forget how a person makes you feel. Grandma Pearl made you feel better; when you left you were happy, about everything. Yes, she cried a few times (this agonized me so) and felt sorry for herself, but it wasn’t often. You see, she was an invalid, bound to a wheelchair after multiple sclerosis struck her down in midlife, at age 60. I became a nurse and always wanted to get her new legs, as I’d promised her when I was little. She progressively worsened from cane to walker to wheelchair.

International Woman's Day

She was also a single mother. Pearl told me her daughter was the best thing that ever happened to her in life. And so, I honor all single mothers around the world; it is not an easy job, both financially, emotionally and time-wise. Kudos to you!

I believe we need to honor them more, in all they do. We do all come from a mother, a woman, who sacrifices everything to try and bring them up right. Women who choose to be a single mother, choose to place a baby or child for adoption, choose abortion or choose to be married. They all make choices and we should let them decide, support them in these difficult endeavors.

My grandmother made that choice, hers alone, mind you, in an age when secrecy prevailed. What a strong woman. Her friends had abortions in another state, when it was illegal. I’m sure it was most difficult for them back then, not always safe and not always what they wanted to do.

International Woman's DayI’m sure there are women all around the globe, that never have a spotlight, but quietly work and do their thing. Women who are grandmother’s, who instill in the quiet grandchild, that anything is possible and how special, they truly are as a person. Cheers to all the women who are grandmother’s … abuelas!

One last note, let me appreciate the real international women as a few come to mind. Applause for Malala, Oprah, Angelina, Hilary and of course, our beautiful 1st lady, an exemplary role model, Michelle Obama.

By Caroline Clemens

~opinion editorial for International Woman’s Day


The Bachelor

The BachelorThis never married gent resides right here,

He found he never could bring her home.

What’s that? You want more to hear?

He found himself unattached, free to roam,

Kind of like the wee ones, an elf or gnome.


The day his momma had her place tendered,

He knew he’d be here til she died.

Yet could he find a way to be rendered?

A smile and his face, never; but love, yes, hide!

Or so he thought to himself; he lied.


Then he met her one dismal winter,

She smiled in frilly dress, she was not poor.

His hand held the bannister tight with splinter,

Impulses gave way, such as like a film noir.

She with brown, bobbed hair said, “Please, pour!”


The gift from his mom, pleasant, yes he cared.

Would you live here with me? he’d  ponder.

She saw mountains, crossed the room, leg bared,

“My brother owns mountains over yonder,”

He said. Should she settle? She now dared.


Years later he thought of that day,

Visiting still made him feel he found gold.

Their hearts fused as one joined like today,

Touches that shook, looks that lashes flickered away,

Brought warmth in temperature and the suns ray.


Til one year it was getting late and true.

No, it couldn’t be, were they getting old?

He asked her, “Do you still love me, my blue?”

“Why do you ask me, for this I’ve you told.”

“Only because, I need to be near you, I’m old.”


“We can do it, you know, tie the knot this spring,”

She said. He looked and thought her crazy.

“Yeah, that’s how I feel now, give me a ring.”

She had turned a corner, not a care, no lazy.

He felt pulses in his bones and wanted to sing!


Seventy years came and she sat in a chair.

He never drove, never sat, never held a wheel.

What would happen to his house? He didn’t care.

She had her life, the real deal, so much feel.

Then one day came those ladies, with the meal.


He died before her, she never had her ride.

She couldn’t bare to part with his prize, not sold.

To feel him again, not ready to depart from lifetime.

From the road she saw the decay and the cold,

Her heart rolled once; resolve made her bold.


The bat’s in the basement made such a sound.

Was this life’s end, sure as the cigarette must be a rue!

She waves a second time goodbye, no ghosts found.

The homestead standing old and still, ready to fall, too?

She’d rebuilt his place and paid them, the friendly crew.


By Caroline Clemens

~for Kellie Elmore picture prompt/image We Heart It

~5 lines, 10 verse 1&3 rhyme, 2&4&5 rhyme


When Can I Drive?

When Can I Drive?

“Dad, when can I drive the tractor in town?” questioned Martin.

“Martin, you’re ten. You know the fields are the only place I can let you test out the wheel.” This, of course, disappointed the young lad.

The horn from a motorcycle sounded as both father and son looked to find the driver waving hello.

“I believe it’s Francis on his new bike!” shouted Martin in disbelief.

“Yes, but who’s with him, with the long braid?” Both their helmets disguised true identities.

Martin waved, grabbed his phone and snapped a couple photos. This he could operate himself without a license. He knew who’d want to see a photo of Francis, his cousin, that’s who.

But who was behind him on the bike? A girlfriend, he thought, as he sent the picture via text.

~By Caroline Clemens

~This is a Friday Fiction for:

~picture credit Sandra Crook

Santiago, Chile


This post is breathtakingly spot on for anything in life. You give this advice with ease and I felt like I should have less cares about where I’m going, but just have fun and enjoy the packing, the readiness, etc. Nice going!

Originally posted on toemail:

In my experience, I have found the most stressful part of any journey oftentimes accompanies the preparation and anxiety that arises before ever even taking that first step onto the airplane, vehicle, boat, etc.

Knowing something about where you’re going obviously helps, but if your destination is somewhere you have never been before, no amount of reading, packing or studying will keep those fears, doubts and second thoughts from festering in your mind.

Let me reassure these anxieties are normal. It is in human nature to fear the unknown. I have a sneaking suspicion that any traveler who claims never to have felt unprepared and anxious before journeying to a new place is lying, perhaps even to him/herself.

I think the key is to channel these oftentimes negative feelings into something positive like excitement or eagerness. If you keep reminding yourself how fulfilling your trip is going to be, you’ll…

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My Beginning


Today my novella ‘Kiss Ride’ is FREE on KDP! Of course, I’m proud of it and would like people to download/read/pass it forward. The story is sweet and based upon a true occurrence.

I have since gained vast experience into this writing arena and continue on through roads that are rough, strewn with gravel, dusty and hot. I’ve made my way to the cool lake, jumped in and practically drowned (with tears) and dried myself off. I somehow love this writing, but does it love me? We shall see.

I have over 600 followers, so download/pass it on if you have time. Today is the last day. If there is something I can do for you, just let me know. I love to help if I have the time. You know what download it and save it for a rainy day, cause those days always come … know what I mean?

I am off to do a bit of writing (towards my next book, yes I’m crazy, ha) and a workout! Enjoy the day!

Download from here:



~picture credit Wikimedia Commons … thank you!