The End

The End

Burning RiverThank you so much for following my blog! I had no idea how intense and fun this adventure on the net would be. Other business will take my time and I won’t be able to post my own work. I have a few people I’ve promised to showcase over the next year and I will do just that. You can follow me on twitter at gardenlilie or stay tuned here as well.

I remember just coming up with a name for my blog when this little journey began. My … it was loads of fun; sunflower was taken so gardenlilie was born. I’m a dreamer and you can’t even imagine all the episodic possibilities I encountered with poetry, music and writing. I see why writers write and singers sing. There is such joy and depth of feeling to behold!

The PathI entered my poetry in a contest, fingers crossed for luck, but will publish it myself when its over. I have plans to do a second manuscript as I already have a title. It was a pleasure meeting all those poets from dVerse Poets Pub. Best to all!

My time as a mother at home is being absolved and will no longer be afforded, and eventually, when all are driving might not be necessary. Yes, things do come to a close over the years. This seems like a good time to say goodbye.

I had high hopes, hey, that’s how I work of possibly publishing and making a small income selling my words. I haven’t found that yet but may try again. Actually, I’m thinking about working on a boat, a fishing boat. How’s that? I did that when I was a little girl for my grandmother.

I’m so practical that it was fun to dream for awhile, to think about what might spur you on in the creative world. Good luck to my friends here on WordPress; I wish you all the best.

I had tears yesterday when my daughter reached a new milestone and I have tears right now with this ending. Tears of joy!

20130609-221706.jpgI’m very excited about my novel and will devote my time promoting it. Please come to my other blog to follow me there. I’ll be posting about my novel and hope to use my camera for photography! Thanks to the photographers for their inspiration and other fellow bloggers. Sherry Lachelle and Susie Lindau come to mind along with many others I continue to follow.

DSC_8228Bon voyage!

by Kim Troike

Sherry Lachelle Photography

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VineyardsOnto more info about my novel … It’s up on Amazon just in case you are new to my blog. Titled “Into the Vines” by Kim Troike with the page number at 414, it is available in paperback and e–read. This fictional story carries on in Paris, the city of light, and the Loire Valley, where vineyards and rivers are in abundance in this garden–like setting!

Loire Valley GardensHowever, all the fancy flowering vineyards and chateau–styled mansions of yesteryear, do not compare to the lovable, the comic, and adorable character named Francis. Yet this beautiful garden setting is where he finds himself. Yes, this tiny little boy will capture you unaware as he frolics through his young life, seemingly more knowledgeable than the adults. I’d like to think my own outlook on life matches this cute fellow with a ready smile and concern for others.

Find out about his talent and see who discovers this young prodigy. What does anyone do about it? Anything? Makes you wonder what your own hidden talent might be.

Excerpt …

Musical notes from the piano echoed through the first floor making their way back to the kitchen. “Why, who is playing my piano?” She set her list down and walked out of the kitchen towards the music, a classic melody, if she wasn’t mistaken.

Well, it couldn’t be, but, here he was playing with both hands. She had been told he played at his mother’s but not his grandmother’s as she had no piano. Her eyes watched and he wasn’t reading music, no notes. He was playing by ear.

He looked at her as if to ask is this okay or should I stop? She nodded and he played on . . . and on. He was playing without musical notes on sheet music and he was good. She sat down with her mother on the sofa facing the grand piano and felt stymied.

Unknowingly she looked mesmerized. When he finished, she said to him, “Well, if I knew all the scores like you then I could play anything. That was beautiful. Do you know the music from study?”

He turned to look at her and said, “I don’t need the score, Ms. Brie, I just play what I hear.”

“You are a genius then. Do you remember hearing the song at the ballgame?” she asked.

“Which one?” he asked.

“The one that goes like this . . .” She hummed the tune ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame.’

“Yes, I remember that one,” he said with a huge smile. Then he played it and Brie sang the words to his notes.


Loire Valley, FranceCatalyst means a person or thing that spurs change. Unknowingly and innocently, Francis will be the catalyst in this epic contemporary novel.

Find out how. Order here.

By Kim Troike

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Stolen lives


Written by my friend Jane Dougherty on WordPress this piece is right to the point. She paints it coldly, miserably morbid. I am proud to know her and her skills! Enjoy!

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:

Flash fiction

Painting: Ivan Vavpopic


I had a teacher once, Mr Halloran, who liked to take the boys in the class to play football. I remember the look of anticipation, the way he rubbed his hands with glee, when he sent us, the girls, on our way to another teacher’s classroom to do girlish things of which he knew nothing and cared about even less. He was married to a grey-faced, self-effacing English woman who he didn’t allow to have a job, the object of compassion of the other loud, outspoken Irish mothers. He had two small sons, younger than me. The older one was tough and able to shoulder his father’s expectations. The younger one was soft, physically and emotionally. He preferred his quiet-spoken mother, her calm reassurance and games that did not put him in danger of life and limb.
His father forced him to join in the…

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phantomStopping by to say hello!

Today could bring changes like never seen in three decades around here. Breathe. Or as my daughter says “do the breath stroke.”

I’m not even flustered. You see, I don’t get too rattled, rather I go into the “do” mode. However, certain things come to mind like The Phantom of the Opera. Why I ask myself?

Why would I think about an opera, and maybe let it move me? I believe its the music, the drama, etc. the darkness is heavier than my own. And then, everything I must deal with will be okay.

I think that’s it but you could ask a psychologist for an explanation! The ultimate might be to write a dark mystery, possibly, thriller of a story. I suppose if you scared yourself then it might scare others.

Christine is definitely taken in through her soft, honest wonderment, and the phantom by her beauty, her voice and unaffected nature.

phantom of the operaGoogle pic credits.

Please SUPPORT self-published authors by giving them a chance to be read. There’s an enormous amount of talent out there; find out about them. This is progress and creative expression.

Hope to start again by mid–March with another story, and hoping to put it all together for efficiency and professionalism.






Back CoverHello Saturday!

Well, this is a mini celebration of sorts. I’ve received my first review for “Into the Vines” and it’s pretty good. What’s pretty good?

Pretty good is four stars, not five. You know what, I’ll TAKE IT. The reader enjoyed it, thought it relevant, and good.

I’m already plotting my next story; how did I get into this? Actually, it was here all along. You see I was a letter writer, a storyteller and I didn’t know it. I was creative with music, with dance, stage, sewing, etc.

I’d love to write for magazines or newsprint, but maybe I’ll just put it all in books and stories. Until, that is, I can get out on that golf course, tennis court, or retirement scene. I know I’m like my mom in that sense. She never retired, and so I don’t think I will either. I think when you have children, in our cases, you give it your all and then go for yourself. I’ve heard you can have it all, just not at the same time. My motto!

All of us do it differently. Some can’t stand to be at home with kids and so they have their careers simultaneously. Some must work to make ends meet or survive. We should applaud mothers of all types and respect mothers and women. Period. I don’t think everyone has to be the same but what I do think is that LADIES … quit fighting with each other as there is more on this planet to care about than hair.

That old sticks and stones might break me but words will never hurt me is to make us be stronger, because words do hurt for many of us, and apologies help take the sting out. Accept apologies because some of us NEVER get one.

And now for the REVIEW!

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

By World Traveler on February 22, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

When I finish reading a book I say to myself “did this book keep my interest?” and I don’t want to put it down.  INTO THE VINES did both of the above.  Even though it was fictional the book was very informative and factual. I have read all of the author’s other books and poetry and thoroughly enjoyed them.



Frozen Scene

Frozen SceneFrozen Scene

I took this photo two days ago when the ice storm and frozen temperatures made the South look like a magical wonderland near the North pole. The workers restoring power have been magnificent with schools closed most of the week. Finally, my computer came back up after a week’s vacation. So here I am!

I’ve just sent the digital press release out for the novel “Into the Vines.” The hope is that it gets some recognition or noticed via newspapers, so others can find out about the self–published work by the author.

Here’s the notification …

Epic Novel Release

Author Kim Troike is currently promoting her epic novel of fiction titled, “Into the Vines.” This self-published novel for teens, YA, and adults has just been released by Xlibris. She uses social media to promote and churn her contemporary theme–based story around the globe. Her latest novel and others can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Xlibris as print or digital.

From the back cover …

Into the Vines is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism. French Bleu, a vintage–jazz nightclub in Paris offers a reprieve to its inhabitants from death, illness and captivity. Olivier is a pilot who rescues stranded and desperate souls from famine and war torn areas of Africa, while Daniela, a young nurse, seeks that which is amiss in her own life. Brie, a strong woman, must find a destiny which awaits her own ambition. She celebrates a milestone birthday after encountering an illness, bringing grace and experience in her search for something more.

Daniela dreamed. “I want to be as confident as Brie on a sunny day in Savannah in the summertime.” From the vineyard cooking school in the garden–like Loire Valley, where these three lives meet, to the streets of Paris, where fate brings blessings from angst and longing. This story revels in realism.

This sanctuary seemingly held an inspirational deity as they witnessed a spiritual unity on the Ceremonial Cliffs. Hawa dreams of flying a plane someday, while Francis possesses natural talents of the musical kind. Together they keep a secret for fear of retribution. “I heard LOVE lasts forever and my mom says there are all kinds of love. So maybe you should find another kind of love, since your first love lasted forever” said Francis.

Kim Troike can be reached via email, or phone. Her website contains up to date information about her and her books. Caroline is a pen she uses.

Kim Troike, Author

Digital is a fabulous way to promote the novel, and is one venue along with others in reaching more readers for Indie Authors. In the meantime, stay warm everyone and prepare to settle in for the weekend.

You can read the digital version on an e–book, nook, kindle, etc. Just load it up from Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Photo credit by Kim Troike




Someday when I’m in Paris,

Touring the Avenues along the Seine;

My eyes will venture to the sky,

Noting Gothic Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower line.

My francs exchanged for euros to pay for Louvre Art;

Rich history and beauty fill chambers in my heart.

But first a café and selected sinful fruit tart . . .


“Qui, Qui. S’il vous plait,” I say.

“D’accord.” She hands me the baked sweet.

“Merci,” I add.

“De rein,” she replies.

“Donnez-moi, s’il vous plait un verre de vin.”

“Qui.” She smiles.

“Merci, ou est the Louvre?” I ask.

“La tout droit.” She points.

Translation of Quotes

“Yes, yes please,” I say.

“Okay.” She hands me the delicious sweet.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Please give me a glass of wine. I changed my mind.”

“Yes.” She smiles.

“Thank you. Where is the Louvre?” I ask.

“There, straight ahead.” She points.

By Caroline Clemens~pen

Someday is a poem I wrote reflecting on a scene in writing the book “Into the Vines.” This wonderful adventure took three years of diligence and passion. It also took me away from friends as priorities set in like family and a job downtown. I absolutely know in my heart someone had my back and encouraged me along the way. And they didn’t live in my house. Some would call it spiritual; I call it passionately living. I suppose you could say I was driven and so the ride is done. I hope you like the book, and feel free to leave a review if you do read it. This is how Indie Authors get noticed on boards at Amazon, Barnes n Noble, etc., and that is my desire to sell. First up will be college for my teens!

I miss writing poetry for its the beauty filled with passion that remains a fuel for life.

~By Kim Troike for the gardenlilie blog

~Photo above is Liz and Kim @Monteluce Vineyard in Dahlonega, Georgia


Gardenlilie on Pinterest

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I’d like to invite you to browse my Pinterest site, where I’ve selected beautiful photos of France and other delightful places. These photographers have done a magnificent job in giving us a glimpse of these worldly places around the globe. Some of us have not visited these places in real life, so we can dream a little and pretend.

Eiffel Tower

Click here to view my boards and follow me if you like. I’m going to put my pink Eiffel Tower picture here.

When you read my novel “Into the Vines” you will discover one of the characters named, Brie, has a particular interest in the iconic landmark.

Into the Vines

Whatever you do or wherever you go this February 14th, Valentine’s Day, you will see red or pink which is the color of passion. When one looks up the term passion … one finds that in Latin it means to suffer.


How can love mean to suffer?

The answer to that is the emotion of longing, or feeling compelled towards an idea or someone, could possibly make you feel overwhelmed by this suffrage.  What is love or passion for you?

I can tell you I must have been passionate for my book because it was in essence ‘a suffrage.’ I suffered passionately with so many details, Paris included, that I believe I fell in love with writing! Could it be? I think possibly so.

I smile as I have accomplished something I only dreamed of doing years ago when I was thirty years old. I must have been passionate way back then to think I could write a novel, or that I wanted to embark on an idea for which I knew nothing about. The paperback book “How To Write a Romance Novel” was never finished but NOW I have done it and it is incredible! I have achieved plot lines more reaching than kiss and tell, and woven true passion of the suffrage kind into my story.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a passionate weekend in February.

By Kim Troike

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