Bleu Moon


Bleu Moon

This well written novel set in Paris and the Loire Valley has won two international awards!!

Bleu Moon starts off with a beautiful vineyard wedding in December for Brie and Olivier and from there the story takes on its own unique life. Portraits of real life settings get new meaning and quicker answers than we do in real life. Darlene, a jazz singer from The Bleu in search of her son finds more than paradise on her trip to the south seas. Her softness belies what this character is truly all about.

Bleu Moon is about modern families formed in different ways, realism filled with emotion sure to tug at your heart and keep you smiling. Paris has mysteries these characters search out, where they find true individual strength hiding within themselves. The writer paints this story like an impression from long ago in the classic style.

Bleu Moon is now available for a short time on Amazon with their exclusive new format … Kindle Unlimited. You can download it in less than 60 seconds to your kindle or e-read format for FREE.

Caroline Clemens, the writer is presently finishing the sequel, Sapphire Souls, to this contemporary unique family story beset with drama and intrigue. This is for middle age readers, YA, contemporary literature, mystery lovers and Paris lovers alike.

Find it on Amazon under Caroline Clemens or at her twitter site ‘gardenlilie.’





Beach Music

Here’s a great song and video for the summer by Enrique Iglesias.

This is his tenth studio album titled ‘Sex and Love.’

There’s even a bit of soccer in there. Ha!

Bailondo~this song says DANCE!


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Hope you are having a great summer with fun-filled, new adventures or quiet escapes from the noises of the world … wherever paradise may be!


Bastille Day

French Blue

Congratulations to France for the 100th Tour de France celebrated on their Bastille Day … July 14th!


French Blue

French blue, a color so true
Full of promise and hope
Ye shall see this as I say.

Power me to be free to
Want not but love and do
You see her glory, written so true?

The accordion plays on and on
Wanting love, expecting no less
For it’s beauty shines and sings.

Patient and blue longs for it’s rendezvous
Again romance found a door, smiles let go,
Sighs give relief, pardon adieu!

No sadness seen in a city of light
Many hours to make things right
Love, yes, ignites without fight.

Notes of song bring rhythm
Two by two, feelings join the rhyme
Blue, the hue, pour me a cup.
Grapes divine, sings freedoms song.


by gardenlilie/2012
By now you know, I’m a hopeless romantic.
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Pride in America

Happy Fourth of July! Show your pride America!!

Air Show

The Thunderbirds at an Air Show in Punta Gorda, Florida!

Ferris Wheel at Lake Lanier Ferris Wheel at Lake Lanier Islands, Atlanta, Georgia


Front Porches in Roswell

Front Porches! There is something about porches in the South and this one is fantastic. The porch welcomes  and comforts those that visit. We had a bridal shower lunch here in downtown Roswell.

Going back here for dinner when I remember the name of the restaurant …


~my pictures and edits, playing around with editing on my verizon phone.

Review of ‘The Rover’

The Rover

The movie ‘The Rover’ premiered in Cannes, France, which seems like the ultra desired cinematic destination for film. Robert Pattinson had not only ‘The Rover’ to attend to but ‘Maps to the Stars’ as well. What a lucky guy! This must be his year, but wait his stardom bellowed to the world for five years or more as a superstar, when he was thrust in a billion dollar franchise. Now, we wait for him to prove himself, again. Guess what? He did.

Review of The Rover     The Rover, written by Joel Edgerton and David Michod, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in the Australian outback was directed by David Michod, in addition to writing the screenplay. The movie plays out at 103 minutes in the southern Australian desert, a scenario set at 10 years after a collapse of the global economy. Eric, portrayed by Guy Pearce delivers a relentless performance of the man on the brink to madness, well, yes he’s mad. Robert Pattinson, ingeniously gives us Rey, highlighting the gentle soul we’ve all known in our lives, but which words usually allude us. This young man still has his soul intact and a hero’s heart not revealed at first.

Review of The Rover     Prepare yourself to be involved in this endless search to find the band of thieves that stole Eric’s one possession, his car. Guy Pearce is tough and keeps us on the edge, thus revealing why he’s so feared, even by Rey. The headlining quote, “Fear the Man With Nothing Left To Lose” gives credence to Eric. But the stories favorite line said to Rey is thick with plot, “You don’t learn to fight, your deaths gonna come real soon.” The Rover is riveting while the innocent characterization portrayed imminently powerful by Pattinson is truthful in what we’ve come to know in the world today, let alone ten years from now.

Honestly, I liked this film beyond whatever expectations I had. The Rover exceeds and delivers cinema in a film we hope to never realize in life.

gardenlilie … 5 lilies!

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Love Is in the Air!

Love is in the Air!Love is in the air this time of the year with weddings, romances and vacations, which bring relaxation and time to unwind, open up our souls, not to mention our lips. Love and kissing seem to go hand in hand, while hand holding is the single most expression used across the globe in friendship and love.

Love is defined, according to Webster’s online dictionary, as a “feeling of strong or constant affection” and ” attraction that includes sexual desire.” We all know what love looks like when we see two people look at each other in a romantic way, kiss, hold hands or maybe can’t keep their hands off of each other. They write books, make movies, produce headlines, while the rest of us score stomach butterflies, wait endlessly for texts or phone calls and wonder what is right or wrong with me. Love is a beautiful thing.

Maybe you read romance novels to fly away to some exotic beach, where you dip your toes in the sand and surf, and pretend for just an afternoon. Possibly, you want to rekindle those feelings of long ago because they felt so good. Whatever your place it seems we all want love, that desire that makes us feel ageless and beautiful. Young love is especially precious and divine. What of older love, is it quaint, all knowing and tested? Someday, you just might find out.

Kisses or kissing is defined in Wikipedia by types. There is “love, affection, peace, respect and friendship.” When we are young we might play ‘spin the bottle’ or a ‘truth or dare‘ game. These things bring us closer to learning how to express ourselves. These passages are played by 85% of teens, so it seems natural for sure. How about kissing the Blarney Stone? Have you done it? Did it bring you luck?

Where did kissing come from? It is part of rituals and is symbolic; it is a form of a greeting, friendship and respect. The bride and groom kiss when the ceremony is over and then we all clap in celebration. History tells us possibly in old times mother’s chewed their food and passed it to their young like birds do. Really? Quite possibly, I’d say yes. Makes sense to me.

Here is some modern advice/knowledge as kissing can possibly lower cholesterol levels, reduce stress and assist with relationships. What? Passionate kissing uses calories … take that to the gym!

And now for a poem, please enjoy!



Your lips press down and my head wears a crown.

Your eyes see into my soul, reach and make me whole.

Your scent begs my mind to make it real,

While my body is denied the feel.


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~here’s two of my kindle book covers(Kiss Ride & Bleu Moon), both stories of love, just different kinds.

Kiss RideBleu Moon






Caroline Clemens

The Invitation


Friday Fictioneers

Picture copyright: Ted Strutz


“You’d better get moving; I’ll clean up,” said my dental assistant.

After twenty five years on the mainland, I’d been invited to her cottage on the outer island. My car was packed and inline, waiting all day for the late ferry.

A month ago at the class reunion, she’d walked over to me, as I sat talking to friends from long ago.

She said, hello, like it was yesterday. That’s when she invited me to her place.

“You always told me you would come and visit, so why haven’t you?”

I replied, “I think the time has come.”


Friday Fictioneers