Two Sentence Story

Two Sentence Story

Here’s the kick start to the challenge. “They lowered the small coffin into the earth. She shed no tears.”

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My creative mind is mostly consumed with the novel I’m writing at the moment titled, “North Depot 1922.” So with all thoughts on my characters, here’s my spin for the two story sentence challenge posted to my blog.

He pulled a handkerchief with his initials JJ from the pocket of his pin striped suit coat just in case Ruth needed it. Jack gazed upon his wife’s face, pale with eyes as distant as the north shore of Chicago, but there were no soft watery tears to wipe as her arms encased a joyous bundle, pink and plump, cooing on her shoulder.

By Kim Troike

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Reader InterviewHow can there be almost 20 million refugees in the world? Why is there so much hatred of people? We are all the same, constructed of the same tissue, and yet, rivalry, religious conflicts, ancient traditions and wars persist. Time for a change. Can we ever find the road to peace? Peace to Paris.

Read here about the word refugee. Yes, Wikipedia states it pretty simple.

Google Pic Credit ‘The Little Match Girl’

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Poem Entries for American Poetry Contest

Christmas DecorationsI Dreamt One Night

By Caroline Clemens

I began to think of our poor little match girl,
How she froze to death amidst a cold windy twirl.

I dreamt one night and changed the story.
She would come to my house and see our glory.

So I waited til midnight and slipped out of the house.
The cat meowed in question and I tossed her a mouse.

I ran to the corner and headed down the street.
Going quickly and quietly on my own two feet.

I traversed across town til my eyes saw the site.
Before me lay the shelter, my heart quickened with fright.

The church bells let out their midnight ring,
That’s when I heard my match girl begin to sing.

She tightened her small coat across her chest,
And let out a glorious voice of song at its best.

She saw me and stopped her joyous lament.
I said come quickly, unafraid, for I’ve been sent.

Her soft delicate features, porcelain face and all,
I captured and processed as I stood so tall.

She offered her hand, glove less and small,
So I offered my pockets and braced her fall.

We quickly strode side by side to my family home.
I couldn’t wait any longer not wanting to roam.

We sat in the kitchen and I served her food.
She thanked me and thanked me for her glorious mood.

We went to the window and watched it snow.
The wind was a twirl sure to frostbite a toe.

Her face grew worried and I told her to relax.
She could sleep on my couch, and I didn’t have to ask.

She looked in the corner and saw our antique music box.
Then with a blanket I covered her white holy socks.

She honestly smiled her eyes knew nothing was wrong.
I said, “In the morning I’ll play you my favorite song.”



By Caroline Clemens

Run run thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.
Children in danger, hunger and war persist; I’d say.
Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.

Days filled with mutilation and murder do not chart.
Unsettled remote areas, barricaded from world; dead bodies lay.
Run run thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.

Find ways to safety do not be shot hauled off by cart.
No safe refuge, streets deserted; humans run from fray.
Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.

World watches news comes so fast to be what part?
Hoping we outsiders with shocked eyes do it today.
Run run thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.

Families, moms, dads and kids used to shop at mart.
Happy times, memories, celebrations of life; we pray.
Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.

Society lessons unlearned, disconnect seen in art.
Mighty wishes of peace, still; miracles in month of May?
Run run thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.

Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.


Frozen in Time

By Kim Troike

Bright orange flares seen through clouds above the distant horizon,
Just like a parrot whose ‘hello’ brightens a passing stranger.
Look ahead and take notice; don’t miss out, oh wisest one.
There it is like a pretty bird greeting not warning of danger.

I suppose the chord of umbilici which is severed at birth,
Begins the life outside in a cold and glorious, winter world.
For some whose desires and needs exist greater than mirth;
Life becomes whole to explore, a mother’s connection unfurled.

When you cast your vision upon the grey branches of wood,
And their temporary lifeless existence seems so cold;
Do they resemble a whip used to lash upon callously rude?
Or growing quietly in their own wisdom, a story untold?

Passion inside makes my eyes gaze longer and grasp notice,
Because I have seen the glory, the good, the bad and the noble.
Have you seen and known, or felt the beauty of such landscape?
Do you stand frozen in time as the seasons test your patience?

I see what can not be seen, nor heard, nor possibly felt.
I know the hope which exists for all a midst these frozen times.
My limbs go forward cooled on this country path to where?
Seemingly they glide my mind to reach higher and farther.

To paint the picture of my life more colorfully,
As I know the gray and stretched clouds will not stay.
Brighter times seek me out as I close in on each step,
Past the trees, along the road, enduring more extreme than me.

The cycle of the leaf rekindles numerous forgotten acres.
What have I returned to mankind and nature in like?
I shall look to the energy of wisdom and those that guide me,
And keep me walking forward as I hit the mighty bend.

What becomes of the whistling parrot, whose song is now gone?
Was time not kind to the clipped, caged, and motionless?
Adored, cared for she forgets her Dixie tune, yet not to be free?
Why do I care about such a creature, such pretty bird not raged?

Woman and man, like nature, must weather these seasons;
To endure her appetite for change, some more kind than others.
One day then I will wake and recount my service, love and gratitude;
Because what I created out of love and passion …
Brought me home and then comfort in a splendid paradise!


Picture Credit Kim Troike/When do kids dream the most?

Poems for Better American Poetry Submissions

Courtesy of Goodreads and their Poem of the Month Contests run by Amy King.

I absolutely love writing poetry! Thanks to all for your guidance and encouragement. Kim

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Breast CancerMaiden Voyage

Not tres yet in score, she’d been brought to port.

A mermaid of wood boasted many stories to tell,

Madonna guarded her ship protecting the fort,

Still a sting to the bosom–vulnerable, she fell.


Miraculously tendered by souls from the sea,

She breathed in the mountain air of endless longing,

Til it filled the cracks and porous heart of thee.

Not ship nor shore could touch her lore storming.


Now experienced with vision, compass, and paint,

She burned bonds of yore: dank, musty and wet,

And pursued the seas lather to wash a new saint.

No longer the maiden voyage, rather by lady she set.

By Caroline Clemens


~A poem for the mother’s, sisters, daughters, women & men who experience breast cancer and become enlightened through living a more spiritual and stronger life, whether they wanted to or not.

~Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Ribbons

~Picture credit by Kim Troike

~Please see for her novel Into the Vines, whose protagonist named Brie deals with breast cancer in this Realistic Fiction genre.

The Sorcerer’s Garden #Free on #Kindle


Medievil and modern, sounds interesting. Click on her Amazon link and read the bio, that’s very interesting! Good luck D. Wallace Peach.

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:

Sorcerer's Garden 2

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Each review is a gift and results in a spontaneous happy dance. Somewhere, someone is taking the time to gather thoughts, click over to Amazon, and share an opinion with other readers. Here’s what a few reviewers are saying:

Interesting Fantasy Read!
“The Sorcerer’s Garden” by D. Wallace Peach is a truly unique and interesting read. The story seems ordinary at first but quickly takes an epic fantasy turn. The main character is a 28-year-old named Madlyn who is not having the greatest luck with her relationships or her career. By chance, she gets a…

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Shakespeare Whispers Love


Shakespeare Whispers Love

I do believe
What do I believe?

Not gonna worry
Time moves forward
So should I …

Unsteady that’s okay
Who’s perfect anyway?

Big eyes I have
For summer, she’s so sweet

Dreams, y’all, I’ll start new

Blue water floats my hope
Lasso this grin, no line just rope

I’ll be where the stars are many
Wishes plenty tossed in air like a penny

Shakespeare, whisper in my ear
Words that warm, drowning my fear

So in the end I’m just a heart
Waiting for love, my true sweet tart!

By Caroline Clemens

Photo by iStockImages

*For National Poetry Day from the poetry collection titled Autumn Quotes by Caroline Clemens on Amazon.

Edinburgh’s Architecture


Pretty pictures from a fellow blogger. The architecture is stunning and well kept. The weather looks just like my homeland of Ohio … overcast! Perfect for Halloween, I’d say. Thanks Sherry.

Originally posted on Fabulous 50's:

One of the best ways to explore any city’s architecture is by walking through its streets and Edinburgh has such a diverse and interesting mix of architecture, you’ll forget your feet are beginning to hurt!

I’m definitely not an expert on architecture, but I know what pleases my eye and camera.  The following are some photos from Old and New Town Edinburgh, which were made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996.

This cute little house is situated in Princes Street Gardens, which lies between the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh.  A lovely place to take a stroll!


I encountered this colorful scene while walking downhill from our visit to Edinburgh Castle.


There is nothing particularly “special” about this shot, but the blue definitely pops and I find it visually appealing.


Row of buildings in Old Town Edinburgh as seen from the divide between the Old and New…

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Flight & Feather – A New Online Mixed Media and encaustic workshop


Take a look at this beautiful site. You might feel a calmness as you scroll the graceandivy blog. Please forward! I know there are people out there looking for a site like this. Do you know a bird lover?

Originally posted on :

Hi there friends!

Hope your week is off to a great start! The Fall weather here has been outstanding and we even managed to get out to the Oregon wine country and picnic with the kids this weekend! We happen to have some lovely friends who have a beautiful vacation rental home out there that I got to help decorate! Very fun to juice up the ole’ interior designer brain that doesn’t get much use anymore!

Anyway, I have some seriously exciting news to share! I have just opened up registration for my new online mixed media and encaustic workshop – Flight & Feather!

Flight & Feather with text

This two week online workshop will explore the magic, grace and beauty of birds! When I look around my studio, I notice how many bird images and sweet stray feathers I have lying about. Birds appear in my work all the time, so I was inspired…

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