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Pink Ribbons

Chapter Two

This blog post follows behind the scenes of chapter two from Into the Vines. It is extremely long, something I probably won’t ever do again, but it happened. It begins with a Brie, a woman who has just received a breast cancer diagnosis, and how this lays out over a couple weeks and through her surgery. It’s the hated dread and how will she deal. The best stage to receive doesn’t make it 100% better in no way. A person still has to deal with it. Yes, she can move on quicker as her results most likely indicate a speedy recovery as the cancer was small and contained. Yet, she has to make many decisions.

In the midst of all this she finds herself involved with her new friend from Paris and the Loire Valley. We’ve probably all had friends like this, made quickly and strongly, you want to be a part of their lives. It feels right!

I was trying to portray angst throughout this chapter and I believe I did achieve that. When I reread and edited it just now my hairs rose on my arms and chills shivered my existence. I hope you find this chapter compelling and want to read more. You get some background about Brie, Daniela, and the boy named Francis. Hence the title of this chapter is the boy that Daniela saved in the first chapter. From pneumonia to breast cancer, death and life, visiting the Catholic priest, a cemetery after goodbyes in a hospital room, you think it’s over but it’s not. How could one survive in the Congo, the middle of Africa?

Father’s are extremely important in life and this chapter perfectly exemplifies their unique and important facet upon individuals. Add some hospital drama in there, I am a nurse, and you’ve got a modern-contemporary novel of fiction.

Yet, there’s more, the male character, a pilot, goes missing in the Congo trying to save others. Olivier, central to the story, is imprisoned deep in the jungle and no one can find him. Who does he find? Read this chapter and next week I’ll post chapter three.

Thanks for reading!


Happy Birthday: Michael Bublé — WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Originally posted on Festival Reviews: Michael Bublé Born: September 9, 1975 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada Married to: Luisana Lopilato (31 March 2011 – present) (1 child) [on producing a more costly and extravagant stage show] Listen, I should be able to go on stage and entertain you with just a chair and a balloon.…

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I love Michael Buble`! I took my mother and best friend to see him in Toledo, Ohio a few years ago. He was an absolute glorious entertainer; not only does he have his own distinctive voice but he can wow the crowd with jokes, revelations and smoothness. Go see him.

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I Wrote a Novel

Monteluce Vineyard

And here is where I’m going to share some insights on how to do that. More likely this will be motivation and encouragement rather than English 401. Follow and join me every Friday for one chapter a week.

How does one possibly get started on a novel you ask? Treat the first chapter as a story and keep going. Each blog post will be via Twitter every Friday with 28 chapters in all; we will be here right up until Spring Break!

Thanks to everyone who bought my novel in print or digital since its publication in January 2015. This version is the XLibris copy via Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Also, I want to thank everyone who helped me create my masterpiece. I did it, pure and simple.

Why am I doing this? Why would I give away something for FREE when I toiled long and hard for three years? This is my way of giving back. So thank you! Follow the Tweets … chapters posted on


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~YA, middle grade and adult contemporary fiction genre.

#FridayFantasy – Passage, Time Stood Still – #FlashFiction

Nicely done! I love the WordPress blog image at top and the starry image to go with the flash fiction fantasy tale.


Passage time stands still


Time stood still, a product of perception; perhaps a fragment of the imagination only, which was neither tangible nor incorporeal.  He stood looking into the figment, wonder expanding through his thoughts like a mirror replicating that which he saw, stretching, reaching into the unknown. 

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Alaska’s Students Will Be Taught How to Evade a School Shooter — TIME

Schools in Alaska will implement an active training approach to teach teachers and students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, how to evade a school shooter. The Anchorage School District will use ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate) training to react in the event of a school shooter, joining about 11 other districts in Alaska and…

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Welcome to elementary school my dear little ones … there’s another “R” on the agenda this year. Can you guess what subject it is? Real Shooter or Real Life or what? Go ahead give it a few minutes of your time. I suppose it’s like preparing for that tornado or nuclear disaster, so maybe I shouldn’t be disturbed by it at all. In fact, is anybody disturbed or are we all just mental? Except it’s kids, our kids. I remember preparing for bomb alerts, etc. at our workplace, that was kind of scary and I was thirty years old. Thoughts?



August Review

My photos from Instagram this summer where I posted daily in July with books associated with @sammyreads topics. It was fun! is where I started this writing, beginning with poetry, then moving onward to a novella and novel. I even wrote a short Children’s title, Magpie. I’m not sure what the future will bring but I’ll have an input for sure. After-all it’s my life, right.

Beginnings and endings make an adventure complete with the middle being the journey. There’s a certain excitement in not knowing but effort and determination compel your spirit and move you forward.

I’m grateful for all I’ve learned in this publishing world (WordPress, social medias, Google, etc.) and the artistic weaving’s of people like myself. I hope others can find some of this art on the net and express themselves too.

Thank you, thank you … thank you! Mwah!;)


July 2016 – READ best of NEW Poetry from all over the world. — WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Submit your poetry to the festival today: READ best of NEW Poetry FUCK UP, by Keshia L. Nowden UNTITLED, by Renee Michelle Christian FALLING IN LOVE, by MLaure HIS MELODIC APOLOGIES, by Forrest Jamie MY KING, by Nissi Odewumi FOR CREATIVITY, by Tofunmi Kupoluyi DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE […]

via July 2016 – READ best of NEW Poetry from all over the world. — WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Reblogged from their site. Have not checked it out myself but will do this week.