Alaska’s Students Will Be Taught How to Evade a School Shooter — TIME

Schools in Alaska will implement an active training approach to teach teachers and students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, how to evade a school shooter. The Anchorage School District will use ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate) training to react in the event of a school shooter, joining about 11 other districts in Alaska and…

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Welcome to elementary school my dear little ones … there’s another “R” on the agenda this year. Can you guess what subject it is? Real Shooter or Real Life or what? Go ahead give it a few minutes of your time. I suppose it’s like preparing for that tornado or nuclear disaster, so maybe I shouldn’t be disturbed by it at all. In fact, is anybody disturbed or are we all just mental? Except it’s kids, our kids. I remember preparing for bomb alerts, etc. at our workplace, that was kind of scary and I was thirty years old. Thoughts?



August Review

My photos from Instagram this summer where I posted daily in July with books associated with @sammyreads topics. It was fun! is where I started this writing, beginning with poetry, then moving onward to a novella and novel. I even wrote a short Children’s title, Magpie. I’m not sure what the future will bring but I’ll have an input for sure. After-all it’s my life, right.

Beginnings and endings make an adventure complete with the middle being the journey. There’s a certain excitement in not knowing but effort and determination compel your spirit and move you forward.

I’m grateful for all I’ve learned in this publishing world (WordPress, social medias, Google, etc.) and the artistic weaving’s of people like myself. I hope others can find some of this art on the net and express themselves too.

Thank you, thank you … thank you! Mwah!;)


July 2016 – READ best of NEW Poetry from all over the world. — WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Submit your poetry to the festival today: READ best of NEW Poetry FUCK UP, by Keshia L. Nowden UNTITLED, by Renee Michelle Christian FALLING IN LOVE, by MLaure HIS MELODIC APOLOGIES, by Forrest Jamie MY KING, by Nissi Odewumi FOR CREATIVITY, by Tofunmi Kupoluyi DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE […]

via July 2016 – READ best of NEW Poetry from all over the world. — WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Reblogged from their site. Have not checked it out myself but will do this week.



Art & Poetry



Gardens at Giverney by Claude Monet

Thanks for stopping by today and looking at my blog gardenliliepub! I’m showcasing one of my favorite artists (I have so many others to discover) Claude Monet, a French painter.

Above is the Gardens at Giverney, which I hope to visit soon, and maybe someday I’ll even have a small garden such as this. In the meantime I have this blog. These paintings are pictures from Wikimedia Commons, a site where one can browse and use for purposes such as this, sharing. I selected the above to go with my peach background, a color fresh for summer and I’m from the peach state.

Below is a painting titled, “Three Trees in Grey Weather,” and I love threes. I think I’ve mentioned this before with my last name Troike meaning three horses pulling a chariot in Russian, holistic teachings like physical, mental and spiritual triangles, and I have three children. So here you go with three trees using lavender or periwinkle color for the leaves. Monet loved color, he used it with the impressionistic style.


Three Trees in Grey Weather by Claude Monet

I have written a book of poetry! Never in my life would I have thought I might do that. NEVER. And I’m not a pessimist by any means. Frankly, I’m the opposite. That pink bunny, every-ready charged drum playing commercial, that’s me. Today my book of poetry is FREE on Amazon. Yes. Five days over the summer I’ve put it to specially be FREE. Look below and click on link for purchase. I hope to inspire others like I’ve been inspired. Poetry is real, it’s a way of putting down some words that might have two or three interpretations and you let it go without screaming to the world what you’ve said. Real people write real poetry.

Below is Claude Monet’s Dinner painting. I used to have this one framed and hanging in my kitchen. I gave it away after I enjoyed it for several years. The smile on her face was all I needed for payment. I also used this setting in my novel. It is what I referred to in my mind when I wrote a scene from Into the Vines.


Dinner by Claude Monet

Finally, I’d like to share with you a poem from my titled book, “Autumn Quotes.” The prompt was to write a poem of who you would like to meet present or past and why.


Another time another place,
I’d gather in the garden.

We’d speak of letters written.
How time is short, our thoughts numerous.

He’d sip. I’d sip. We’d share despair.
Our obsessions by the yard, on and on,
A solitaire, mindful existence, intriguing.

Realism … defined, perception expressed,
Monet the artist, romanticism and freedom.

We’d share the wine; I’d ask the ??
He’d tell me about independence, his struggle,
To be himself, absorbed in context.

Camille and many femmes …
Paint me, paint me, to see what you see,
That would brighten and open my eyes.

We would sit for a bit, touch glass
Toasting art in the garden. Relaxed.

Then we’d take the train, 1877,
And jump right into the station.

And go to the sea, where I would see,
The colors and expressions in his impressions.

But I shall never forget the time
My note card exposed, the magpie,
My endearment for my artistic angel.
Lovingly bestowed upon my lovely,
Naturally like art.

Then we would walk along the Seine
Puffs of his smoke I might catch,
As he would talk of finer points and prisms.

We’d cross the bridge and he’d tell of,
The water lilies, a motif or flower aquarium.

I’d want to know how he kept going,
Amidst an exhaustive, endless piece?

Painting is what I do. I do this with peace.
As war ignites, I paint early and long,
I give for France as my contribution.

We walk the bridge over a vast lily pond,
And end at a cafe where his friends join in,
I hear some wide eyed stories
Never told and I am enlightened.

By Caroline Clemens

How many Monet paintings do you see in my poem? Credit to Wikimedia Commons for Monet paintings.





Digital Cover Art for Into the Vines

I’m spreading out into Kobo, Smashwords and iBookstore! Here is the cover I’ll use for those venues. Willow Raven, an artist I met online, did the cover.

Into the Vines cover design - revisit 2016

She says you should be able to tell from the cover who the book is for. You see a chateau, a vineyard and two children running into the vines, hence my title “Into the Vines.” This coming of age story follows a particular child named Hawa, her cohort Francis, and the family drama which surrounds them, including a very special pilot.

Willow Raven did this cover for me back in 2014 when I finished the Vintage Bleu Trilogy. At the time I wanted something global and used a photo from Thinkstock, which I love, and had XLibris print the book for me. They did a wonderful job!

Now, I find myself wanting to put a digital book out in more places and decided to use the digital art by Willow. What do you think? I also changed my name and used my pen, Caroline Clemens. Self-publishing is a difficult thing, wonderful that you get to make all the decisions and yet, an author struggles with these unknowns which are numerous. I’m hoping to elicit some readers from far-a-way places who might want to read an American author. Who knows? A girl has got to try though. Thanks for reading!

Here is Willow Raven’s Twitter address and you’ll find all her work, links and bio right there. WillowRaven

Kim Troike

Caroline is my pen.

Smorgsbord Open House – Author Christine Campbell.

Please have a look here. She did amazing on her video, professional and funny. I’m happy to reblog this gal. Good luck!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

smorgasbord open house twoWelcome to today’s Open House and my guest this morning is author and blogger Christine Campbell.

IMG_3178Christine Campbell was born in London but was brought up in Gourock, a small town on the Firth of Clyde on the West coast of Scotland. She married her best friend, Angus Campbell, in 1967 and they moved East, to the Edinburgh area, in 1975 and that is where they still live in happy domesticity. They have five children and ten grandchildren.

Christine began writing stories almost as soon as she learned to write, winning essay prizes at school from an early age. She started writing short stories and magazine articles when her children were young, but it was the art of novel writing that became her passion, the longer format allowing her to develop the characters more.

It was not until 2008 that Christine decided to publish some of her novels.  She…

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FREE for World MS Day

Bleu Moon

My digital titles “Bleu Moon” and “Autumn Quotes” will be FREE for five days this summer. Purchase here for FREE:  Bleu Moon

I’d like to make this my contribution for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness. While I’m not contributing funds toward this cause, I’m hoping my FREE digital books might bring enrichment to people in this beautiful world.

The dates are May 27th, which is Friday, today!!! Also June 17th, July 1st, July 15th, and August 12th. I know there is a ton of books out there for FREE and books on your to-read list by famous authors, but, consider helping me climb a step in my endeavors.

You could probably gift this to a friend, use as a Father’s Day gift, or take on a summer vacation. Multiple Sclerosis strikes young individuals but also all ages, comes and goes, and one never knows the outcome.

My grandmother suffered from this neuromuscular disorder and remained in a wheelchair after using a cane and walker for many years. I use to tell her when I grew up I would get her new legs. Imagine that. I knew a young nurse who had this disease and we became friends, such a sweet dear. She avoided dairy foods and took medicine. She also tried to avoid stress as that brought on episodes of weakness.

Have a great summer, take a look and read my digital titles of contemporary fiction and poetry. Thanks.

Kim Troike