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Children and Terror

Bo yaser picture credit April 2012 Syria

Bo yaser picture credit April 2012 Syria

Feb.21, 2012

In this cave, dusty and hot, but sheltered;
We made it bombs exploding, running fast.

My arms wrap tight and squeeze; shaking
And frightened, more than you sweet babe.

Little one, I will not show you my hurt foot;
It’s there as I smell the familiar, red puddle.

My sleeve is wet, but there is no pain;
This garment absorbs your escaping fears.

Whomever finds us, my hopes run far and high;
It will be the good men to take us home.

Maybe brother made it, sigh, mom and dad, too.
Though they lay still as we ran: lead lungs.

I will keep you sister close by me, evermore;
No bad men with pointed guns shall find us.

Steal I must, the dead man’s gun and shoot;
Whomever deems us harm or fateful ills.

I promise this to you as I feel the warmth:
Of your breath, your beating, heart next to me; I see.

I see what I must do and be: your guardian,
Your angel, here on earth. Your need is my plight!
by Caroline Clemens

~I wrote this a year and a half ago when I saw a picture of two sisters hiding from gunfire. I only imagined what one might do when that is all they see, constant gunfire.
See below for a (real) peaceful approach to devastating war/terror which rages on in other parts of the world. Peace.

~Please read about a girl named Malala, from Pakistan, who suffered a terrible tragedy and is being nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize.
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Feliz Navidad


Dear followers, commenters and social medias which I’ve come to know in this blogging universe. I’ve come a long way this year and have amazed even myself. I hope you enjoyed my poetry as much as I did writing, posting and reading it. I plan to continue with poems, dVerse poets pub, but am going to dive into writing 2 more stories to follow up ‘French Bleu.’This will be a challenge on Adventure Rd. And… I want to finish by end of June…okay, end of August. Looking for an agent, if you know one send them my way.

Thanks for teaching me some forms to poetry, although, we know I do seem to be a verse and prose gal, oh well. The River Muse is a fantastic venue for expression with true artists garnering recognition. Much appreciation to River and her staff for having me aboard assisting my navigation in a modern world.

Music though is in my background, I played organ and piano for many years, rusty now but feeling it. Who knows maybe I can combine these loves, the word with notes. Okay enough dreaming as it is Christmas and time for children and the magic……

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Happy Hannuka!
Celebrate Kwanza!
And all the rest!

Love and Peace … Happy New Year to all!


The Natural Path…….

The natural path in life strikes me as one who would have been born to a mother, a female with no medication or hospital and lived on a farm using horses with no electricity or modern appliances. The food would have come from the garden, clothing handmade and horse and buggy transportation. Nice picture of the good old days. Wait. Let me add no dentist, cavities, decay, illness, no immunizations, no antibiotics, diseases, drought, infestation of crops, droughts, fires, shortened life spans, etc.
This modern world is trying to be FREE and look out for each other. A person who has millions of followers, in my opinion, has a duty to perform on his or her stage in keeping with a united world, thus keeping their own hateful remarks to themselves or personal few. This would be called morality.
Sex and religious beliefs should be freedoms for all. Equality. Peace. Leaders need to unite, not incite. If tearing down ‘the opponent’ is the way to win, then we need a new game to play.

*No harsh words were used in the making of this statement in the free world.

By Caroline Clemens